$2.1 million civil rights verdict; $200 million in settlements
$144 million verdicts in product liability case
Two federal drug conspiracy "not guilty"
Anthrax hoax charge "not guilty"
Man accused of murder of century "not guilty"
120 million dollar product liability settlement
20.4 million fraud settlement
5.1 million fraud settlement
2.3 million injxury settlement
1.5 million injury settlement
1.2 million injury settlement
1.1 million fraud settlement
Two cases with 1 million unsafe property & injury settlement
Two (2) 1 million injury settlements against same company
$352,000.00 injury settlement
Not guilty for shooting up a lawyer's home
Federal money laundering dismissed with prejudice after opening statements.

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If you’ve been hit by a commercial truck then it’s likely you’re not just making a claim against the driver but also the company who owns the truck too. Employers are responsible for the actions of their drivers and in most commercial truck claims the employers are also liable for the accident.

However, in some cases, it’s not always clear who you will be suing. There can be many different parties involved.

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When you’ve been involved in a semi truck accident, it can cause serious damage to your property and your personal health. As a truck weighs over twenty times the weight of an average car, collisions with a truck can result in significant damages.

Semi truck accidents can be caused for many different reasons. Negligence, dangerous driving and faulty truck maintenance are just a few. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute estimated 3,660 people died in truck accidents in 2014.

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As freight trucks are commonly used throughout the United States to transport and deliver heavy goods across the country, accidents with these trucks do happen.

Since freight trucks are heavy vehicles, they can cause major damage to any property, vehicle or person they collide with.

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When you’ve been involved in a car accident with a drunk driver, these types of cases can be more complex compared to a standard car accident claim. The other driver has committed a criminal offense by driving when he/she is over the limit. As the police will also be involved in your case, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who will be able to assist you and get the compensation amount you deserve.

Once you find the best lawyer for your case, there are some crucial questions you must ask to guarantee your lawyer is suitable for this type of case and so you have all the information you need.

case of dollars

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Although the terms “embezzlement,” “misappropriation of funds,” and “larceny,” are often used interchangeably, in fact, in some states, they are very different crimes.

Embezzlement can be the charge for misappropriation of funds when the funds involved have been lawfully entrusted to the embezzler—entrusted to, but the perpetrator does not have legal ownership of the funds.

drug paraphernalia

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Although you (like most adults) is most likely aware that being caught in possession of an illegal drug such as cocaine, heroin or marijuana can result in serious legal troubles, you may not be aware you can be prosecuted for possession of items related to those drugs—even when no actual drugs are found.

Drug paraphernalia crimes in the state of Mississippi are described in the 2013 Mississippi Code, Title 41, Chapter 29. Under this code, it is unlawful for any person to “deliver, sell, possess with intent to deliver or sell, or manufacture with intent to deliver or sell, paraphernalia…”

different types of tablets

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If you have been charged with a drug crime in the state of Mississippi, you may feel as though there is little hope for your future. While the charges certainly are serious—and should be taken seriously—there are defenses your drug crime attorney can use on your behalf in order to lessen the potential penalties. First, however, there are a broad range of charges associated with drugs.

You may have been charged with drug possession, which is certainly one of the more serious types of drug crime, or possession with the intent to distribute, which can bring even harsher penalties. Perhaps you were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, which, in the state of Mississippi, actually carries heftier penalties than a conviction for possession of smaller amounts of marijuana. Whatever type of drug crime you have been charged with, your Mississippi attorney may incorporate one or more of the following defenses:

burglar with crowbar

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The term “breaking and entering” usually conjures up an image similar to those we see in the movies. A person dressed entirely in black sneaks into an open window and steals the family silver.

Breaking and entering in the state of Mississippi, however, can encompass much more. The state of Mississippi defines burglary as breaking and entering into a structure (not a home), with the intent of committing a crime once inside.